meet our cows

Caring For Our Cows

On our farm, the cows are the MVPs and we work to provide them with first-class care all day, every day.

First-Class Cow Care

At MVP Dairy, we strive to create the perfect environment for our cows to keep them healthy and happy. Our 4,500 Holstein cows live in six tunnel-ventilated freestall barns that are furnished with sand bedding, misters and fans to keep them cool and even cow brushes to scratch their backs.

We work with experts in animal health and nutrition to ensure our cows have everything they need from balanced and nutritious diets to veterinarian care.

Animal Welfare Standards

We look to Validus and the FARM program to audit our animal welfare practices to not only verify our care, but to also help us continuously improve. 

Animal Welfare standards

MVP Dairy, LLC and its four sister farms are the first and only dairies to receive all four certifications from Validus:
Animal Welfare
Worker Care
Environmental Responsibility
On-Farm Security

High Quality Milk

Best management practices in soil health, cow care and genetic improvement help our cows perform at a high level. In our first year of operation, our cows provided about 30 percent more milk than the national average. Our cows can’t talk, but their high quality milk production is a great indication we are doing things right!

Danone NA Partnership

All of our milk is Non-GMO Project Verified and is marketed exclusively to Danone North America. We are located about 20 miles away from Danone’s largest yogurt manufacturing plant in Minster, Ohio. Our 6-7 truck loads a day help fill the demand for their Non-GMO product line and account for about 10 percent of the 60-70 truck loads of milk they receive in Minster in each day.

MVP Danone team
L-R Mike McCarty, Matt VanTilburg, Dave McCarty, Marc De Schutter (Danone), Ken McCarty, Steeve Yamine, (Danone) Clay McCarty, Mariano Lozano, (Danone NA CEO), Kyle and Luke VanTilburg Front Row: L-R Judy and Tom McCarty, Jim and Brenda VanTilburg